Meet Keith

I am a Fremont resident of almost 30 years, a husband and father of three. I chose to raise my family in Fremont because it is an amazing, highly diverse community that I am proud to call my home. Building upon a successful business career, I bring a fresh vision to the city council founded on direct community engagement, transparency, and a passion for bringing people together to do what is in the best interests for all residents of Fremont.

Fremont has a choice. As the 4th largest city in the Bay Area, our city has its share of problems and needs leaders who are honest enough to acknowledge them and are committed to finding practical solutions that offer the greatest benefit to the most people. I will always focus on comprehensive solutions to the homeless crisis, increasing public safety, supporting our local businesses, and truly engaging with the community before decisions are made. I will not seek higher office or drive an agenda that only aligns with the most extreme ends of any issue.

Moderate in my views, I bring a perspective of inclusivity and a common sense approach to problem solving. I understand that there are rarely perfect answers, but through listening, understanding, and compromise, we can get to the best overall solutions for the challenges facing our city.

For many years, I have been an engaged resident and have worked to help the community. I have participated in far more city council meetings than I can count, always advocating for fairness, transparency, inclusivity, and above all responsibility. Through my participation in Fremont City Council meetings, I have developed a robust understanding of the budget, challenges, community concerns, and knowledge of how the council works. I have built relationships that will enable me to get things done with my fellow council members.

These skills led to my being endorsed by the East Bay Times/San Jose Mercury News, Rick Jones, whose council seat I am seeking, and many others.

I have worked hard for you as a private citizen. Now, I humbly ask for your vote to help me do more for our city.